Thursday, March 1, 2012

Packet Tracer 1.2.2 Configuring and Verifying R1

From this lab i had to out into action previous commands in order for me to complete the lab. To start if off i had to configure R1 using the CLI instead of the config tab. This was a bit more difficult since everything had to be done manually instead of just entering IP addresses and everything else is done automatically. i started of  with having to enter passwords in order to start configuration on the Serial0/0/0 and Fa0/0 ports. After successfully entering the corresponding addresses with the routing table given to me i was able to get the green light for the switch and router. However for the other side i had to to config the serial port in order for a complete connection to be done. The command that i had to use for the enabling for the secret passwords i used the vty command for this set up. After that i had a complete lab with new skills and tactics for more difficult configurations.

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